Coming Soon: The SAHM WTF? Podcast

Coming Soon: The SAHM WTF? Podcast

What better way to kick off the New Year (and check off some resolutions) than by having professional career and life coaches answer some of your toughest “who am I and what should I be doing with my life” questions?

That’s what I’ll be doing with my new SAHM WTF Podcast (starting in January). PS – Even thought SAHM is in the name, we know lots of working moms (and dads) feel the same identity-crisis that can come along with parenthood – all are welcome!)

It’s not a far jump from my original Metamomphosis Facebook group (now SAHM WTF?) where we challenged each other to step outside our comfort zones to help determine what we should be ‘when we grow up’, but now instead of just commiserating, we’re bringing some pros in to give tips, advice and more.

If you have a question that you want to ask to kick things off, please use this form to submit it for consideration.

If you don’t have a question, but want to be on our email list to be kept up to date on the podcast’s progress, you can sign up here.

If you’re a career coach, life coach, or counselor who would like to be considered to help answer a question on an episode of SAHM WTF, you can sign up here.

In the meantime, join us over at the SAHM WTF Facebook Group!

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A Sneak Peek at My First Novel

I am setting forth on a new adventure and working on putting together a book proposal. I have been honored to be part of several humor and parenting anthologies but writing an entire book is a whole new ballgame.

When putting together my proposal for prospective agents, I will be highlighting several examples of my work, one of which will be this previously unpublished treasure that my mom discovered while cleaning out her garage. Don’t be surprised if you someday see this 1980 classic, “The Dogs that Never Stoped Loveing,” on the NYT Bestseller list, (or back in the bottom of a box in my attic.)
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