Thank-Full Thursday – Thank You Notes

Happy Thank-full Thursday – I’m thankful you’re here!

The most simple interpretation of Thank-Full Thursday is to say “Thank You.” Last week, we practiced saying proper thank yous to people during day to day interactions, (instead of just mumbling thanks while staring at our shoes), but this week we’re stepping it up a notch: there’s postage involved.

How much would you love it if you went to the mailbox today and there was a card in there from someone who you haven’t seen in months (or who you saw yesterday) that just said a simple “Thank You.”

  • Thank you for picking up my kid from school that time.
  • Thank you for telling me I had something in my teeth.
  • Thank you for always bringing your amazing cheese dip to parties.

Often we only say thanks to people when they buy us something. Or in my case, I *intend* to say thanks, but then put off writing the notes for so long that my kids have been known to pass out thank you cards for the previous birthday at the current year’s birthday party. (Wrote all about that here.)

But today, let’s start a plan for saying thanks “just because.”

Today’s (and February’s) goal:

  1. Put together a list of 4 people you would like to thanks to this month.
  2. Pick out some super cute cards that you’ll love sending, or make them yourself. Target always has tons, and I found some great Amazon Prime ones too.
  3. Dig your stamps out of wherever you shoved them after mailing your holiday cards.
  4. Write (and MAIL) one card a week for the rest of February.
  5. Thank yourself for brightening someone’s


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