If I Can Run a Half Marathon, Anyone Can. No, Seriously – I’m a Mess.

Today’s F-It Friday is brought to you by the Austin Half Marathon whose motto should be: “The Austin Half Marathon: the race that’s impossible to train the appropriate 12 weeks for because the prior 12 weeks include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every negative weather condition known to man.” (That wouldn’t really fit on a bumper sticker though.)

So today’s F-It is me giving up my hope of illegally selling my race bib to someone else and risk being permanently banned from future races and accepting the fact that, F-It….I guess I’m running a half marathon in a thunderstorm on Sunday!
The additional F-It part is that I’ve given up the hope of *running* it and have accepted that this is going to be a *run/walk* (emphasis on the WALK part) not just because it would probably be impossible to run the whole thing at this point, but also because it’s just irresponsible to risk injury since I haven’t completed the proper training.
Do a little early Wish ‘n Well for me since I’ll be wishing that I’m still well enough to walk on Monday morning.
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