While You’re Being a Squeaky Wheel, Don’t Forget To Keep Rolling


As a little “Thank You Thursday” inspiration, I want to introduce the concept of a “Grateful Wheel.”

You’re probably more familiar with the concept of the “Squeaky Wheel.” You know, that’s when we try to affect change by being very vocal and squeaky about our opinions and complaints.

Unfortunately, when we’re being squeaky, it’s often when we’re fighting *against* something instead of fighting *for* something.

The thing about being in Squeaky Wheel mode is that we often confuse noise with movement. We end up squeaking in place to make ourselves feel like we’re doing something, but we’re just filling the space with our noise and negativity and causing others to squeak even louder to try to be heard.

Sure, there are times when when we need to squeak, but let’s try to balance out our squeaks by also being “Grateful Wheels.” It’s a gentle shift of going from just fighting against something to also supporting the opposite of that thing.

– Instead continually complaining about the clothes all over your kid’s floor, thank them for clearing their dinner dishes without being asked. (I need to work on this one.)

– Write a thank you letter to let a business know about an employee who went above and beyond. Maybe they’ll get a bonus and that other employee you wanted to complain about will be inspired to do better.

– While you’re boycotting a company which has policies you don’t agree with, be sure to also say thank you and show your support for a company that you do agree with.

Basically, while you’re squeaking about important things that need to be heard, make sure you’re taking time to say thank you for the things that are already rolling in the right direction.



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